HR Brief

4stones HR Brief and Policy are designed to:
1. Create a strong set of shared values and purposes –                     Integrity,       Global Mindset, Value Creation, Life-time                 Learning
2. Fulfill our organizational vision and mission
3. Be a respected corporate citizen
4. Endorse individual personal growth and balance of lif 
Belief and Philosophy
1. We believe that humans are inherently good; everyone has tendency to strive for excellence. Therefore we pursue the         concept of 'Management by Purpose,' which encourages participation, initiation and empowerment, rather than 'Management by Order,' which strongly depends on a top-down commanding mechanism.
2. We offer great freedom of judgment to our employees. We believe everyone should work at their own discretion, with full accountability and responsibility for achieving results. We avoid micromanaging our employees work hours and schedules as much as possible.
3. We strongly encourage our employees create value for our organization and clients while also enriching themselves and meeting their personal goals in the process.
Recruitment Priority
1. We are looking for people who share our vision, mission and common values. We also highly value their unique talents.
2. We strongly embrace creativity and diversity in the                  workforce. 
Performance Evaluation
Our performance evaluation process ensures those who have consistently created value for our organization, clients and employees themselves are properly evaluated and fairly rewarded.   The process of evaluation is equitable and reasonable while maintaining flexibility with a focus on communication and improvement.
Compensation Structure
Our compensation structure is based on an employee’s creation of value for our organization, clients and employees themselves. We avoid using traditional compensation structures — either position-based salary, or seniority-based salary. Instead, we pursue a compensation structure based on value creation through performance and competency.

Career Development
1. We encourage our employees to select an area from our business scope to develop their professional expertise in the selected field while working within a functional position such as marketing, communication, etc.
2. We transfer employees into jobs and positions which result in the greatest use of talents for 4stones and employee development. 
3. We create opportunities for individual professional development.
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