Our Strengths

Our strength lies in understanding cultures and the cultural impacts toward businesses and organizations in a global business environment with a focus on Chinese culture and the Chinese market.
Working with our strategic partners around the world, we strive to provide cultural insights and implications for MNCs operating in China and Chinese Companies. In essence, 4stones helps companies make better-informed decision about entering foreign markets, designs effective global organizational structures, and quickly develops global-minded staff so as to adapt to the ever changing global business environment and enhance global competitive advantage.
We have also developed a number of assessment tools to help our clients understand and manage cultural awareness which is usually identified as the major obstacle to working effectively in a multicultural environment. So as to better manage global integration, these tools also aid in understanding the impact of corporate cultures in the area of mergers & acquisitions.
As for services related to business Chinese language, please visit www.labprogram.org - the LAB Program, where Chinese language, culture and business are integrated into a safe learning environment.



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