4stones Served State Grid Corp of China

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May, 2018 (Beijing), State Grid Corp of China has consistently invited 4stones to design programs for their oversea international employees and partners, which are from Brazil Grid, Philippines Power Grid and Greek Power Grid, etc. At the same time, designed programs for their Chinese managers and expatriate to lead and manage more effectively in a multicultural environment.

As a China state-owned company established on December 29, 2002, State Grid takes the investment, construction and operation of power grids as core business, it committed to re-electrification and energy connectivity, meeting the power demand with clean and green alternatives. State Grid supplies power to over 1.1 billion population in 26 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, covering 88% of Chinese national territory. 

As the largest public utility in the world, with a registered capital of 829.5 billion RMB and assets of 4143.61 billion RMB, State Grid also owns and operates overseas assets in the Philippines, Brazil, Portugal, Australia, Italy and Greece etc.

Founded in 2003, 4stones is a leading cross-cultural management and global leadership development firm in China, 4stones has served over 100 both global and China multinational corporations.

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