4stones Partners Spoke in "Executive Coaching Conference" in New York

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On March 11, 2013, New York, USA, 4stones Cross-Cultural partners Gary Ranker and Donny Huang were invited to attend  "Executive Coaching Conference" organized by Conference Board and delivered a presentation entitled "Developing Global mindset through executive coaching", their presentation were well received.
The Executive Coaching Conference is a valuable source of information and insight for those in Coaching, Leadership Development, Human Resource Management, Training and Learning Development, OD, Mentoring, and Line Professionals looking to implement coaching programs in their departments.
And it focus on how to accelerate growth and speed management transitions through effective career conversations; help you to understand how coaching from a neuroscience perspective can accelerate leadership transitions; learn why organizations and coaches need to have a global mindset.
If you want to know the specific information, please click the link below:
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